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Marecon's partner Deerns introduces Smart Building
January 15, 2016

Recently Deerns has introduced Smart building. Smart Building by Deerns brings together and integrates partners and technologies from a variety of domains, so that they can use the same systems and structures – and share information. It is an open and integrated solution for Internet of Things and intrinsically offers maximum flexibility for future technologies.


Since its foundation in 1928 Deerns is involved in buildings that are icons of their time. The buildings of tomorrow. Times are changing and at the forefront of this change we now find the world of technology. Technology which most companies have a hard time keeping up with. Let alone use to their advantage. Deerns helps you stay connected with the latest technology by engineering buildings that are all about creating interaction.


Buildings that have the intelligence to register, analyse and act to changing uses, different users and changing times. With a clear focus on an infrastructure for the long term. And structures that are perfect for today, and smart enough for tomorrow.


The way buildings are used is changing rapidly. People want to work more flexibly. Workplaces are taking on a different look. Organisations are becoming more international and more fluid. And new technologies and devices are changing our working and communication processes radically.


Wouter Kok, Director at Deerns The Netherlands, explains the opportunities these developments offer: “Smartphones have only been around for eight or nine years. But if we see the impact they’ve had in such a short time, it’s astonishing. So it’s very difficult for organisations to stay up to date with the latest technologies, let alone actually extracting any strategic benefits from them. How can you really work more effectively, pleasantly, safely and sustainably, and still be doing that in ten years’ time? With Smart Building by Deerns, we’ve found the answer to that.”


Smart Building by Deerns is both a vision of the integration of ICT with buildings, and its technological implementation. Ruud van der Sman, Senior Specialist Smart Buildings at Deerns, explains: “We are seeing the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things. Lighting, sun-blinds, thermostat, security ... there’s virtually nothing you can’t control from your smartphone. The problem is that these are all individual technologies and applications without any form of integration."


"In our approach we are able to bring together and integrate partners and technologies from a variety of domains, so that they can use the same systems and structures – and share information. This lets you benefit from more functionality at lower costs. Our open and integrated solution for Internet of Things intrinsically offers maximum flexibility for future technologies.”


A smart building is one which communicates with people, so that users and the building function optimally. How? We see five main themes for these functionalities: Interaction (between people, building and devices), personal comfort, safety, environmental awareness and the building & personal productivity.


Kok: “The possible functionalities are literally endless. We focus on finding the perfect solution for today with maximum flexibility for the future. No need to define now what you will need later. All this is intended to make things as pleasant as possible for both you and your organisation.”


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