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Marecon & partners provide workshop to Alibaba Group
February 16, 2015

Marecon and it’s partners Deerns Consulting Engineers and e2Computing were in invited by Alibaba Group to provide a workshop on the Cube Concept, a revolutionary new way of cooling data centers.


The Cube Concept

The Cube concept is a different way of cooling data centers. The servers are cooled through passive rear rack doors and hence the servers make their own cold air. There are no CRAC units or other fans in the data center required to maintain the ASHREA standard conditions. The cooling system chilled water is distributed via piping working according to the Tichelman principle, eliminating the need for regulating valves. 

One combined set of piping is installed per two floors of white space in principle to further improve the cost effectiveness. It allows for low PUE and can be combined with various cooling technologies for cooling the water including free cooling or natural water reservoirs.


Concept is scalable and can be used in existing buildings or green field.


This technology allows for standard cost effective solution for high-density racks, cloud, low density in the same rack row without any additional tailor made solutions and sophisticated automation. Integrated future proof single answer responding to the various data centers challenges and business needs.


The concept fully uses proven technologies, however it becomes interesting when you take into account the cost savings in the mechanical and electrical systems due to amongst others the smaller power need, construction materials (building volume can be cut by half).


Flexibility in IT load rack from 1 to 35 kW per rack as a standard.


Overall the concept results in 25% cost saving compared to the most cost efficient TIER III data centers that we have developed till date. We believe that below 4,5 €/Watt of IT power is feasible for a TIER III Cube data center.

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