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Marecon & partners provide green concept design Khabarovsk Airport
January 15, 2015

For the Russian airport of Khabarovsk Marecon and it’s partners Paul de Ruiter and Deerns Consulting Engineers have designed a gigantic transparent dome. The concept will save energy and protect travellers against the extreme climate. The airport, located close to the town of Khabarovsk, is expecting substantial growth in the number of travellers.


The new terminal will replace all existing buildings and combines all facilities of the airport under one roof.


Together with our partners Deerns Consulting Engineers and the Dutch architectural firm Paul de Ruiter a new  passenger terminal has been developed for this airport.


It can be flexibly arranged according to the needs and wishes. Thanks to a light-weight dome, comprising the transparent plastic ETFE, the indoor climate is comfortable for travellers.


Because of the double layer of the construction, heating and cooling costs are minimized. The dome allows maximum daylight in.  As a result, the building is highly energy-efficient where lighting is concerned as well.


In summer, the region around Khabarovsk, close to the Russian-Chinese border, has temperatures of over twenty degrees Celsius. On the other hand, in winter temperatures regularly drop to below -20 degrees Celsius.


The ETFE dome has a minimum surface area and excellent insulation features and options that allow active control of the indoor climate. In summer the system stores excess heat in the ground, to be released in winter.


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