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MARECON has initiated and assisted in development and implementation of innovative sustainable approaches and solutions in planning, design and construction of many medium size and Mega data centers on emerging markets based on the best world practices and specific industry development trends. Through the strategic partnerships with international established industry leaders and start ups providing for new technologies and concepts MARECON is capable to assist her clients in their ambitions to develop and operate their data center business in a sustainable and cost effective manner. 
We rely on the experience of our partners of more than 70 different data centers clients over 10 different countries and are proud to have been involved in planning, design and realization of the 1st award winning Uptime TIER III certified innovative green data center in Russia for the largest East European Bank.
MARECON provides for the full range of services covering strategy, site selection, feasibility, project program, planning, business cases, finance, design, procurement, testing and commissioning, TIER and LEED certification, operational support and training, CFD, quality, change and cost management.


Data center Yuzhnoport Moscow, existing building

In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers



TIER III, 5,000 m2 white space, 10 MW IT power, 1.3 PUE


Services provided

Feasibility Study for best concept, Advice on Technical Requirements, Supervision engineering & procurement, trouble shooting, Quality construction site supervision, Development programs Testing & Commissioning, Control & validation of Testing & Commissioning, Uptime Certification & operational support


Cloud Data Centers infrastructure, various Russian locations. In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers & Van Aken Architects



Flexibility between TIER II and TIER IV

White space 1,150 m2 to 5,650 m2 per location

IT power 1.8 MW to 18 MW per location

Average PUE for all locations 1.2


Services provided

Development Conceptual Design & Technical Requirements, Supervision on Design Documentation and Design Process for Project Documentation


Data center Moscow, existing building

In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers



TIER III, 6,000 m2 white space, 12 MW IT power


Services provided

Full analysis of concept on conformity with functional requirements & Uptime TIER III requirements

Technical feasibility including electrical mains, climate systems and infratructure

Calculation investment costs and review delivery schedule

Calculation TCO and development staff organization chart


Back up data center Moscow, existing building

In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers & Compulink Integration LLC



TIER III, building 1,900 m2,

White space 250 m2, PUE 1.4


Services provided

Creation of back up data center concept

Development of Technical Requirements

Calulations on CAPEX, OPEX and TCO

Project planning


Various data center facilities in Russia, existing buildings

In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers



Various sizes and specifications as per location


Services provided

Review per location on:

  • concept design & logistics

  • pre-engineering


  • investment phasing

  • conformity business requirement

  • technical & economical assessment of the facilities


Data center Skolkovo, Moscow

In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers & Van Aken Architects



Tier IV prefab and modular data center

10,800 m2 white space

31.5 MW IT power, PUE 1.2

Fully designed for dynamic IT & high density racks


Services provided

Plot selection

Concept Design

Investment calculations

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