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MARECON performs as project & contract director, account manager, co-developer-consultant, product manager, troubleshooter, communicator, process control manager and a coach.
We work with strategic partners aligning more than 1000 professional around the globe consisting of architects, engineers, business consultants, project managers, innovative solution providers and technology suppliers from different industries and fields.
We share the best practices with our clients and market knowledge involving all stakeholders in the project program definition process. Each project is monitored on the quality conformity, costs and schedule with contract and account management provided by us. We develop a workplan with milestones, costs and results to be achieved safeguarding the client's business case and project KPI's.
Per project MARECON organizes dedicated multidisciplinary project teams both on the side of the executor and the client aligning them into one team, hence with the clear responsibilities. MARECON cooperates with private and public companies, governments, knowledge institutes, strategic partners and all other stakeholders involved as per project. 


The team on the executor’s side is result and performance oriented with the clear milestones and costs committed to. The team might consist of a number of partner companies and MARECON converges them into one single team. MARECON composes international multicultural dedicated teams having a good understanding of different cultures. This approach allows to combine knowledge and expertise of established companies with innovative technologies, business concepts of young innovative companies and entrepreneurs with one responsibility to the client. MARECON negotiates and manages the contract and project administration.
Meet our strategic partners:
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