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Pre project and plot arrangement plan for Technopark in Technopolis Moscow Region


In partnership with Deerns Consulting Engineers & HHA Architects


Project description

Total area approx.120 hectares is part of Technopolis. As part of the Technopolis master plan, the concept and pre-project documentation was developed for the first realization phase The program includes world class high tech research and production facilities, IT infrastructure, facilities for business, start ups, medical care, shopping, education, sports and recreation. Best urban planning and landscaping examples were adapted to the area development plan. Rain water collection in the natural ponds, the practice widely used in the Netherlands, allows for creating the added value to the land, reduce costs for special measures and contributes to natural living environment. 


Services provided

Pre-project documentation with architectural, functional, technological & technical solutions including main quality parameters, project functions program and financial calculations of CAPEX.

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