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MARECON is a consultancy company specialized in sustainable business, project development and management with a longstanding reputation and successful track record in development and realization of projects in various industries and urban developments.
The company has more than 25 years experience on emerging markets and provides for turnkey solutions based on market and business case driven innovative smart concepts, technologies and effective project implementation approaches which in many cases have been backed up by our assistance on project finance and fund raising.
We are result and performance oriented with the focus on our client’s needs, market trends and business case drivers which we help our clients to translate into business requirements and key performance project indicators and program monitored by us through the whole project chain. 
MARECON leads multicultural dedicated teams provided by our partners and has a good understanding of international business environment, different cultures as well as the market trends and needs in various sectors and countries.
Many of our projects and approaches are innovative, became an example of best practices, trend setting and have led to spin offs on other markets and industries.
Among our Clients and partners are governmental, semi governmental institutions, stock exchange noted companies, SME's, industry leaders, financial institutions and investment funds around the globe.
Would you like to learn more about MARECON? Do you have innovative solutions, concepts or technology ideas and
are you inspired by our story and ambitions?  Interested in partnering on a project? Curious if we're hiring?
Or just want to talk about the future? We're always happy to discuss potential opportunities.
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